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While watching ABC on our tv my 2.5 and 5 yr old grandchildren were hoorified when they saw this commercial that Rob Zombie made. I will spread the word and never buy your products ever again.

Really???? Advertising for clothes products this way??

I am going to plaster on facebook how horrible this commerial is which unfortunately will probably get you a lot of views but will let folks know how terrible your company is. Do you realize how many young families with young children are affected by this and will have nightmares and horrible memories from your *** commercial!!!

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good for you! we just experienced something similar from AT&T with a interrupting zombie attack commercial during a Baby Einstein's Lullaby episode!!!

not even kidding. my 2.5 year old freaked out and is terrified now. talk about opposite emotions....relaxed trusting soothing cuddled up with mommy to a sudden view of zombies breaking through a windshield to kill her!

i dont know who to even complain to! im so angry.


Very disgusted by this commercial. I will now be buying the brand from Target!


Try parenting and not relying on the tv to teach your kids, then our entertainment as adults will not be bothered.

to urmom Los Angeles, California, United States #797251

How nasty you are! Nasty nasty B!#CH!


Actually , that's a pretty good commercial. I'd rather my kids see that then 30 seconds of the Jersey Shore you probably let them watch. "Horrified" btw :p

to Mr.Bean #797252

Both are in bad taste...inappropriate for children. You must be a real loser if you actually LIKE either!

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