WTF!?!? ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTZ!?!? I haven't used your product, Woolite, in years because someone at a noted department store told me it was actually BAD for fabrics.


Watching the "Investigation Discovery channel/ID"..have seen your commercial now several times...HOW BAD OF TASTE AND HOW INAPPROPRIATE DOES NOT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW YOUR *** FOUL COMMERCIAL MAKES ME FEEL! Do you watch the news? Do you watch ID and listen to the horror stories and the TRAUMA caused by people you depict in your "horror commercial"? YOU REAL TAKE THE CAKE FOR STUPIDITY ON THIS ONE...HOW COLD HEARTED YOU ARE! Maybe you should just go into HorrorCore/Goth Music & join up with the other psychos...like "Razakel & her guy, Syc ...maybe that's your REAL THING! IDIOTS!!

***BOYCOTT WOOLITE****It sucks anyway!

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Dallas, Texas, United States #797288

Actually know one cares if you use the product "Woolite".That is your choice.As far as i am concern i love the product and Their is nothing wrong with using this product.Other people will tell you anything to make a sell"DUH".This is the problem with so many people these days they believe everything someone tells them instead of taking the time to find out the truth for theirselves.I hope you do not feel like "The Woolite Company "Really cares if you use their product or not.Your post is very "***".Just because you do not use "Woolite"Does not mean that millions of other people do not use "Woolite".You need to learn to speak for yourself only.WTF.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #797282

You sound like a real ***! Have used Woolite for 30 years and it works great. Get a grip and get a life!

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