My husband and I and many of our family and friends shop at Walmart several times per week. While watching tv a Woolite detergent comm.

came on showing lesbians arm in arm walking down the sidewalk. I hope you will reconsider carrying their products due to the claim that you are a pro traditional family CO. I do not want my kids/grandkids to see. This is an attempt to show this is acceptable to the masses.

It is not.

It is constantly pushed into every part of society whether wanted or not. Please respond as to how you will handle.

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I saw the TV ad and it caught my attention also, this is a prime example of the agenda to push homosexuality as if it were the norm. It is not normal but contrary to nature and definitely contrary to God's plan for our sexuality.


So don't buy their ***, you self-righteous ***. I can't wait until that particular form of generational bigotry comes closer to dying off.

The commercial isn't really even that suggestive of a *** relationship.

You ignorance is similar to those who who play the reproduction card when discussing the issue of *** marriage, which is indicative of a person jumping into thoughts of *** sex. In their case, and yours, YOU are the one with the problem.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #622350

Ignorant self-rightgeous fools...hope your ridiculous *** views do not rub off on your grandkids! Nothing wrong with that commercial and yes it could have been two sisters shopping together. Take your blinders off...we are all created equal and most do not support your ignorant views.


If they were sexy lesbians, then it was acceptable.


The commercial did nothing wrong. you ASSUME that they were lesbians.

I happen to be very close with my sister and hold her hand when we walk together. And if they are lesbians, so what?

They were holding hands, not being intimate. I would be more concerned with your children becoming close minded ignorant people that there are too many of anyway.


YOU are the one who is not acceptable. Why don't you go away to another universe and give your kids/grandkids a chance for a good life without you.

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