Reckitt Benckiser the maker of Woolite. Does not accept Consumer's concern with their products. Example: Using an opaque (Black Cap) is useless as a measuring cup since its difficult to see the Woolite required level for the washing size being used. Excess Woolite generates excess foaming and requires additional cleaning cycles,which wastes water. How can this be improved to save water & Woolite plus improve the correct amount per each wash.

Suggest using a clear plastic cap or a Black Cap with a transluent sight gage. Appreciate your comments on this suggestion. Many Thanks

Never received their comments on the above !!!!!

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Salinas, California, United States #855505

The measuring cap is really a poor design. It's hard to see the lines inside the cup. What is the actual amount in ounces needed for a load so I can use a regular measuring cup?


Try amazon. Much cheaper and you can get it in bigger bottles.


I love dark woolite. My wardrobe is 85% black...my only complaint is I cant' get in stores in my area. Walmart never has it on the shelves anymore and when I just tried to buy it on-line, the cost was ridiculous from Bizrate or Drugstore.com ($14.99) then add the shipping costs.

to Shari Collegeville, Pennsylvania, United States #714999

I have tried all of the disgusting different Woolites because that is all I have been able to get. They are worse than horrible.

Woolite has ruined their good reputation.

They are terrible now. The clothes actually stink - and I mean STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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